#1 Priority for every SaaS Marketer

Reduce friction.

That's your job on day one. And it should still be your #1 job on day hundred and beyond. 

Find the friction in the Funnel. Mystery shop your own company. Your website. Call your sales team. Start an online chat. Email them. Go through the buying, onboarding and customer service processes and find the biggest friction points.

What you'll find is that most friction findings are your first opportunities to:

  1. Create great content (educational, buyer decision support, answering basic questions)

  2. Improve your marketing automation infrastructure (improve clarity on your website, readability of an email, a CTA on a landing page)

  3. Understand your biggest marketing ROI improvement opportunities

After you've done the basic Friction Finding you can invest in optimization tools (A/B testing), analytics and other fancy projects. 

But do the basics first. And keep doing it. Mystery shopping your own company should be an ongoing discipline.